Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. I am starting a new business and need a variety of items e.g. business cards, flyers, brochures, post cards, posters, banners, streetwalk signs, etc. Can you help?
A1. Mimosa Digital can help you design and print most of the items that you will need when you start a new business. Call us at 201-222-1103 or email us, and we can schedule a time to help you identify your needs.

Q2. I need a logo designed in a hurry for my company. How quickly can you get a logo designed?
A2. Typically, logo designs take about 2 to 3 weeks. But if you need one in a hurry, it can be expedited to under a week, but we try to not to encourage that as it does not give our graphic designers ample opportunity to explore and give you better options for your company logo. Since the logo is a representation of your company and brand, it is important to invest some time into designing it. Please call or email us to discuss your project needs.

Q3. If I have other image/video/audio/data needs that are not listed on your site, will you be able to accommodate?
A3. Yes, we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs, as long as we have the expertise.

Q4. I have an "odd" project and based on the many things that Mimosa Digital does, I think you might be able to help. How do I send you my files to obtain a quote?
A4. Describe your project, time frame for delivery, and request your quote. We will give you a call back to discuss your project.

Q5. What is a bleed? How do I ensure my job prints with color to the edge of the page?
A5. See our Designing with Bleed web page for detailed information on bleed and helpful templates for designing postcards.