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See your photos or artwork as larger than life poster size prints. You can print your memories on the highest quality luster paper, poster board, fine art velvet or watercolor paper, water resistant canvas and even outdoor waterproof vinyl!

Family portraits, that beautiful panorama from your vacation, even your kids artwork all make for great enlargements to proudly hang on the living room wall.

Mimosa Digital uses the very latest in printing technology with breakthrough new 12-color pigment technology. Vibrant colors, amazing detail and rich blacks practically make your photo jump off the page.

Most printers use only 6 or 7 ink cartridges, but prints done with our 12 cartridge system result in a final print of uncompromising quality -- providing you the best quality prints your cherished photos and artwork deserve.

  • 12-color ink , including 3 unique shades of black, enable us to print with more colors than printers with older, less advanced technology -- providing more vibrant and lifelike images
  • pigment-based ink (not dye) system, results in less bleeding and water proof prints that are light , heat and scratch resistant for a lifetime of memories
  • all our prints use archival, acid-free papers and inks so your memories won’t yellow or fade over time.
  • life span of posters & banners: Color - up to 108 years, B&W - over 200 years
  • Mimosa Digital customers receive fast turnaround on archival prints on any of our papers with amazing color fidelity, consistent color stability (100% pigment-based ink -- no dye) , high lightfastness, and scratch resistance.

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How Quickly?
Same-day (5 hours)*
Standard (2-14 days)

Premium Luster Photo
Watercolor Paper
Somerset Velvet Paper
Water Resistent Canvas
White Scrimmed Vinyl
Removable Adhesive-Back    Photo Tex

Input Formats
Film: 35mm, APS, slides,
Medium format negatives (120: 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7)
Digital: Memory cards, CD,
USB Flash drives, PCMCIA Infra-Red, Blue Tooth & camera phones
Prints: Printed photos

Poster-Size Enlargements
16" x 20"     18" x 24"
20" x 24"     20" x 30"
24" x 36"     24" x 48"
24" x 60"     24" x 72"
30" x 40"     30" x 44"
36" x 44"     36" x 48"
36" x 60"     36" x 72"     
44" x 44"     44" x 48 "
44" x 60"     44" x 72 "
Custom enlargements

Watercolor Paper
13" x 19"

White (no bleed)
Bleed to edge at
   24", 36", 44" or select
   larger print size to
   cut down (for overprint)

Grommets, wire binding,
available for poster prints

Fractal Treatment
Noise Reduction
Crop or fill
Red-eye reduction (auto)
Red-eye removal (manual)
Color correction
Color matching
Photo restoration

*Subject to availability; rush fee may apply. (Please allow 48 hours for inks to set before framing to avoid fogging on the frame glass.)