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Digital Photo Printing
& Photo Printing from Film & Negatives

  photo prints and CD

Get vivid professional prints of your photos on silver halide photo paper (REAL photo paper – none of the inkjet printer on “like photo paper” stuff that's expensive, slow, and troublesome). We print from any digital file as well as already developed 35mm film negatives and many other consumer and professional negative formats such as APS, 120, 220, 110, slides and more.

For more vibrant photos that show greater detail, we automatically remove minor dust and scratches – and even make corrections to color, sharpness, contrast, exposure, and red-eye reduction – all at no additional charge.

All photos are digitized (even from rolls of film) and you can get them on a beautifully-designed Mimosa Digital Photo CD with a jewel case.


If you have a printed photo you want to make more prints of (but don’t have negatives), we can scan the printed photo you have and print more copies for you. You can also get your scanned photos on a CD in a jewel case.

Custom Printing

Custom print items such as greeting cards - with or without photo - T-shirts, mousepads, mugs, and calendars are also available.

You can order your items online by uploading your files:

How Quickly?
Standard (2-3 days)*

Input Formats
Film: 35mm, APS, slides,
Medium format negatives (120: 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7), 110 film

Digital: Memory cards, CD,
USB Flash drives, PCMCIA Infra-Red, Blue Tooth & camera phones

Prints: Printed photos

Photo Paper Finish
Glossy (default)
Luster (matte)

None (default)
White & other colors
Themed borders

Number of Prints
Multiple reprints

Crop or fill
Red-eye reduction (auto)
Red-eye removal (manual)
Color correction
Color matching
Photo restoration


Photo Print Sizes
3.5" x 5"      Digital 4"x5.3"
4" x 6” C      4" x 7" H
5" x 7”         4" x 12" P
6 " x 8         8" x 10”      
8" x 12”       9" x 12"
12" x 18”     11" x 14"
Wallet          Passport

Poster-Size Enlargements
16" x 20"     18" x 24"
20" x 24"     20" x 30"
24" x 36"     24" x 48"
24" x 60"     24" x 72"
30" x 40"     30" x 44"
36" x 44"     36" x 48"
36" x 60"     36" x 72"     
44" x 44"     44" x 48 "
44" x 60"     44" x 72 "

Custom enlargements

Large-Format Paper
Premium Luster Photo
Watercolor Paper
Somerset Velvet Paper
Water Resistent Canvas
White Scrimmed Vinyl
Removable Adhesive-Back    Photo Tex

   Foam mounting
   Styrene mounting

Order photos online

Creative Options
$12.95 Locket Sheet
$9.95 add'l locket sheet
$14.95 8"x10" Creatives (e.g. magazine cover, baby name, annual calendar, etc.)

Inspiration Collection
$69.95 brush strokes + printing
$39.95 template designs + printing (e.g. name collage, photo grid)

High Resolution Scanning (no color-correction)
$5.95 per 4"x6"
$7.95 per 5"x7"
$10.95 per 8"x10"

Photo CD
   if printing > $10
   if printing under $10
Add $5/CD for archival    Gold CD upgrade -    recommended

Custom Items
Passport photos
Portrait photography
Custom framing
Coffee-table photo books
Custom greeting cards
Custom calendars
....and more!

Photo Montage DVD
Add music & Hollywood transitions or pan-and-zoom features to your photos and get them on a DVD.
  - DVD Cinema
  - Simple Elegance
  - Classic Story-Telling