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Customer Testimonials
The following are a few unsolicited customer testimonials we found on third party web sites about Mimosa Digital.

"Excellent customer service - extremely friendly and patient staff, willing to spend as much time with you, as needed to get the job done. "

"They did a GREAT job developing my photos from our wedding. They took great care and did everything very quickly. I would highly recommend them!!!"

"I recently went into the store to purchase a digital camera. The staff was super friendly and informative. They showed me everything I needed to know! I now have beautiful memories of my daughters first birthday party! Thanks Mimosa Digital
A very satified customer"

"I checked out this place for the first time recently and it was such a great place for one-stop shopping--especially if you don't know very much about digital photography but have one. We ended up spending hours in there, printing up months' worth of pictures (The machine is so easy to use it's fool-proof) and while we were there the clerk even took a look at our digital camera, figured out why all our pictures were so blurry (we had it on the wrong setting) and reset it for us so we finally (after a year and a half of owning the camera!) can take clearer pictures!!! Definitely a place to go if you take lots of digital pics and don't really know what to do with them."