Custom Photo Books




table photo book
8.5x11 Coffee-Table
Photo Book
(in-store version)

wedding coffee table photo book
12x12 Coffee-Table
Photo Book
(in-store version)





flip book
opened flip book
3.5x5 Photo Flip Book

coffee table photo book
Coffee-Table Photo Books

Custom coffee table photo books make for a warm, casual yet classy look in your home or office.

To create these books, you can visit our store and work on our kiosk to design each page, selecting from various fun designs. Our staff will be there to assist you if you have any questions.

If you prefer, you can also design your albums by creating them on our web site. You can click below to start:

Order Photo Book Online
standard coffee table wedding book

Collage Photo Books

No time to create your photo books? Our collage photo books are the perfect solution for you. Simply upload a selection of your photos and we will create a collage photo book for you in minutes (photos will appear in random order).

Photo Flip Books

These cute and totally fun flip books belong in every girl's handbag or guy's briefcase. On the road? Browse through photos of your fab friends, crazy kids, loving partner, parents or grandparents -- guaranteed to lift your spirits just when you need it!

Proud parents and road warriors, you'll fall in love with these little books that give much more than you can imagine!

Upload your photos, numbering them 1 through 24 (otherwise they would be in random order), to order your Photo Flip Book:

Flush Mounted Album

Looking for a high-end photo book with stiffened pages? A Professional flush mounted album is your answer. These are typically used as classic wedding albums and by those who prefer an elegant high-end coffee table photo book.

To ensure your flush mounted albums are perfect, you will have final approval of every page design before they are printed.

How Quickly?
Same day (within 4 hours)

Album Quantities
1 or more

Input Formats
Digital: CD, Memory cards,
USB Flash drives, PCMCIA
Film: 35mm color neg, 35mm B&W neg, 35mm mounted slides, 120 color neg, 120 B&W neg


Photo Book Styles
Coffee-Table Photo Book
(Multiple images/page)
   8"x11" Black Linen
      (20 or 40 pages)
   12"x12" White Linen
      (20 pages only)
Note: In-store version has a window cover. Online version is a solid front cover.

Photo Flip Book
Single-Sided, 1 image/pg
      (24 pages + cover)

Photo Paper Finish
8.5"x11" Photo Book
   Elite Silk

12"x12" Photo Book Single-Sided
   Photo Matte    

Photo Flip Book
   Photo Matte

Coffee-Table Photo Book
8"x11" 20pg Black Linen or Brushed Silver Cover
   $34.95 for 1
   $29.95 for 2+ (of same)
8"x11" 40pg Black Linen or Brushed Silver Cover
   $44.95 for 1
   $37.95 for 2+ (of same)
12" x 12" 20pg White Linen
   $99.95 for 1
   $84.95 for 2+ (of same)

Photo Flip Book
$14.95 each

Scanning charges apply if not from digital