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personalized photo collage
Jumble Collage
vertical photo collage

Photo collages are a wonderful way to bring your photos together and tell a meaningful story at a glance. Imagine having family generations photos all on one beautifully-designed makes for a fabulous gift and keepsake.

Simply send us your images and Mimosa Digital will design a photo collage based on your preferences and have it printed on canvas or paper finish that you desire.

To make sure your poster comes out perfect, you can even see a proof of the design before going to print.

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Collage Canvas Collage Canvas
NEW - Collage Canvases


How Quickly?
As quickly as same day, depending on design complexity media selected for printing

Input Formats
Digital: CD, Memory cards,
USB Flash drives, PCMCIA
Film: 35mm color neg, 35mm B&W neg, 35mm mounted slides, 120 color neg, 120 B&W neg


Giclee Media/Finish
Watercolor Paper
Somerset Velvet Paper
Water Resistent Canvas Premium Luster Photo
White Scrimmed Vinyl
Removable Adhesive-Back    Photo Tex

$10 Jumble Collage 
   (random photo     placement)
$39.95 Template Designs
   (you choose photo     placement)
   e.g. name collage, grid,    other pre-made designs
$80/hr Custom Collage
   (in 15 min increments)
   e.g. overlapping phtoos
Other pricing available    when you use our
   in-store kiosk to design    your own self-serve
   template-based wall art

Plus, print prices based on    size and media selected