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Digital Photo Recovery

Did you accidentally delete a digital image off your memory card? Worry not…we may be able to recover that image for you. Having trouble getting the digital pictures off your camera? We can help! We will try to extract the photos from your memory card and put it on a photo CD for you.

Extract Photo from Video

Did you accidentally have your digital camera on video mode instead of picture mode? No worries, Mimosa Digital can extract a frame from your video and print a picture for you. We can also do this from old family movies.

Tape and Disc Repair

Have an important VHS tape, CD or DVD that is scratched up? We may be able to fix that for you, depending on its condition. Before you throw it away, try repairing it to save yourself money and the environment.

Secure Online Photo Storage - FREE

Protect your memories with us where your photos are stored in a secure computing facility. Access them from anywhere in the world. Organize and share your online photo albums with friends. Do more with your photos - edit, remove red-eye, create cards, calendars, posters, and more!

Protect your photos from viruses, computer crashes, fire, flood, fading, and hard drive failures. Preserve your photos with us today and never again worry about losing your priceless memories! Plus, this service is free to you - just visit your photo albums at least once every 6 months.

Memory Card Recovery
$24.95 128MB card
$29.95 256MB card
$34.95 512 MB card
$40.95 1GB card
$45.95 2GB card

add $5/GB beyond 2GB

Photo from Video
$10 setup fee +
$5 per extracted frame +
digital print price




Repair CD/DVD

Tape Repair
$39.95/VHS on VHS tape
$59.95/VHS on DVD

Online Photo Storage
Free - must view phots at least once every 6 months