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Get noticed by casting directors!
 Get headshot prints that do the job - Get picked out from the crowd!

Your headshot is your resume.
 Print all your headshots at Mimosa Digital

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Headshot prints by Mimosa Digital have more vibrant colors, greater detail, and more pleasing flesh tones than any photo printed from an inkjet "photo printer" or lithograph. They make heads turn. All headshots are printed on true photo paper in a professional photo lab for the best quality by professionals who know all about color management and correction. We understand your goals. Your headshots have a specific job to accomplish: get casting directors to stop and take a look at YOU.

Top 10 Reasons Actors & Models Choose Mimosa Digital for their Headshot Prints:

  1. You'll look great - our headshots are printed on real photo paper, not lithographs or digital printing
  2. We care for each & every headshot - every image is individually color calibrated for the most pleasing skin tones
  3. We care about consistency and quality - we calibrate our printer several times daily for the most accurate reproduction
  4. You can see it for yourself - you can get a single sample print of your own image to see the quality of our headshot service & print with your image
  5. No hidden fees - no "setup fees" or other hidden charges; for no extra charge we can add your name, add borders, convert to black & white, and provide a free digital proof
  6. Free light retouching - light retouching included; low prices for additional retouching
  7. Same low price for color or B&W print - color or b&w for the same low, low price
  8. Choice of paper - glossy or matte paper at no additional cost
  9. Fast turnaround - same day turn around available
  10. Easy to re-order with Savings - headshot kept on file for 3 years for easy re-order; save 15% on all re-orders (with no changes)

Request a Sample Headshot
Mimosa Digital gives you two choices for sample headshots. The pre-printed sample headshot is free and will show you the quality of our headshot prints. It is not a photo of you, however. If you wish to view a photo of you, you may order a single 8"x10" headshot customized with your picture and name:

Font List
Mimosa Digital offers a wide assortment of fonts so your headshot can reflect your unique personality. To choose a font for your name please browse our font list.

Monitor Test
Ensure your monitor is displaying colors and tones properly by viewing our
color test image chart
. Visit this page before reviewing your proof.

You Have Choices...
and the power to make it happen. Sure, you can get a $10 haircut from the cheapest hairdresser in town, or you can choose to get a $60 haircut with a hairstylist. You're in the extremely competitive business of needing to put your best foot forward and look your best. How much do you really want to leave to chance?

You simply cannot afford to print on copy paper or anything less than the best. You literally have LESS THAN 1 SECOND to impress a casting director with your headshot print. SHOW THEM you're SERIOUS about this. Give them a headshot print that DEMONSTRATES you’re not casually submitting your headshot like everyone else after having taken their first acting class. This is not a lottery -- you can stack the odds in your favor.

Look your best -- not just in the photo itself, but also in how you present yourself.

Put yourself ahead of the masses: Print Your Headshots at Mimosa Digital
Highest quality 8"x10" headshots or 9"x12" portfolio prints - same low price for color or black & white. Photos printed on real photographic paper - that's real silver halide prints, not prints on just any run of the mill copy paper. Make your photos stand-out from others.

Your Headshot is Your Resume
Print them only with the quality that shows your value
 First impressions count - a lot.
Do what successful actors do - hand out top quality headshots prints. You can see and feel the difference.

Out of thousands of headshots that casting directors look over, your headshot needs to
 RISE above the crowd,
 LEAP OUT at them,
 STOP and GRAB their attention!
You want to look like you are serious and in the caliber of the big names. The last thing you want is to blend in with everyone else standing in line at the cattle call, who may simply be having fun trying their luck and dabbling in the world of entertainment.

Print all of your headshots, compcards, resumes and portfolio prints at Mimosa Digital.


Print Size
8"x10” name text included.
Glossy or Matte finish.
White borders or none.

How Quickly?
Next day (in by 12pm)
Same day (in by 12pm)
2 days

Print Quantities
50, 100, 200, 300

Re-Order Discount
15% off (no print changes)

*Order must be in by 12 noon EST. Digital proof approval must be received by 3pm EST. Printing done within same day or next day for pick-up; does not include shipping times.

Headshot Pricing

50 $89 $145
100 $110 $165
200 $175 $265
300 $250 $375

1 sample headshot: $15.95


Print Size
Color on 2-sides
Silk finish
No bleeds

How Quickly?
Same as headshot prints

Print Quantities
Additional 100s

2-Sided Color, no bleed
#      2-3 Days
100      $125
200      $195
$50/additional 100

Re-Order Discount:
15% off (no print changes)


Print Size
9"x12" matte

How Quickly?
Same day (4 hours)

Print Quantities
1 or more

$9.95 for 1 - matte
$19.95 each - metallic

Input Formats
Digital: CD, Memory cards,
USB Flash drives, PCMCIA

Film: 35mm color neg, 35mm B&W neg, 35mm mounted slides, 120 color neg, 120 B&W neg

$15 film handling fee
$4.95 CD of photo file    with name text

$100/hr re-touching
   in 15 min increments
   ($25 min)
e.g. removal of stray hair, blemishes, color correction, etc.

Headshot & Comp Card File Storage
3 years

Nationwide shipping via USPS or FedEx