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metallic print

Metallic photo prints will stun you with their classic elegance and beauty!

This specialty long-lasting photo paper, chosen by professional photographers for its striking visual impact, is now available to consumers at Mimosa Digital. Portrait, fine art and event photos (especially that priceless wedding shot) look spectacular on the Professional Kodak Endura Metallic Paper.

Pictures or paintings come alive. The three-dimensional appearance delivers rich and uniquely vibrant colors, exceptional visual interest and depth, and especially flattering yet natural looking flesh tones.

The base color of the paper is not pure white, but rather a silverish pearl-like color which makes your photos look strikingly distinctive and absolutely gorgeous!

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Input Formats
Digital: CD, Memory cards,
USB Flash drives, PCMCIA

Film: 35mm color neg, 35mm B&W neg, 35mm mounted slides, 120 color neg, 120 B&W neg



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Starting at $4.95 each