Special Offers



Everyday Frame & Album Special
20% off photo frames & albums when you purchase a minimum of $20 in photo prints from film or digital media (same day purchase only).

Shoebox Special
Digitally archive all your old photos and we'll take $10 off the set-up fee of $45 (over 1000 photos) or $25 (100-999 photos) if you prepare your photos EXACTLY according to these specifications:
- remove any photos you don't want to be scanned
- rotate them all to the same direction (right-side up)
- group photos with white borders together
- arrange photos of like sizes together within each pouch
- group slides together
- group colored and black & white negatives separately
- remove glued-on plastic sheaths for negatives
    (slip-in negative sheaths are OK)

Specials cannot be combined with other coupons or offers, and only apply to the day the job is dropped off. Offers are subject to change at any time. Shoebox Special not available for black & white negatives exceeding 40 frames, slides, medium-format negatives or other non-35mm standard color film.