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US Passport Photo

The US government requires passport photos with very precise specifications. Mimosa Digital offers you passport photos that are guaranteed to fit specifications and pass US government standards.

We will take a digital photo of you, so all of your photos are exactly the same. Want that perfect photo for your passport? We can take as many photos as you need.

You can also schedule a professional business portrait session for that perfect look, great for posting on social websites like Linked In and Facebook or for dating websites.

Canadian Passport Photo / Foreign

Need a photo for a foreign passport, nurses' license, teacher or work ID/permits with non-standard photo specifications? No problem! We can handle that. Just bring in a print-out of the current specifications and we'll make it happen for you.

Photo requirements for Canadian passport photos are substantially different from the US requirements. We take photos that will meet those requirements. We have done many foreign passport photos, including Canada, Brazil, China, countries within the European Union, and others.

US Immigration & Diversity Lottery Photo

Immigration photos for INS, diversity lottery are taken and verified for you.

Baby Passport Photo

Yes, we do baby passport photos too! Make sure your child is awake when you come in.

Walk-in's are welcome! To have your photo taken, please visit our store today.




How Quickly?
10 minutes for adults*
20 minutes for babies*

*We can take your photo most any time we are open, but we will only print your photos after 5 PM M-R or 12-4 Saturday. We do not print passport photos on Friday.

Print Quantities
increments of 2

Print Size
2"x2" standard US passport and immigration

Non-standard foreign passport or other office ID photo available

Canadian Passport photo
UK Passport photo
Foreign Passport photo
International Passport photo
Baby Passport photo
Infant Passport photo

$12.95 for 2 passport photos (1st set)
$5 for additional set of 2
$24.95 for 2 foreign passport/non-standard format photos (1st set)
$24.95 for 2 baby passport photos (1st set)
$4.95 for CD or email

Price includes up to 3 shots for you to choose from. Additional shots are $5 per 3.

$99.95 business portrait session (by appointment)