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About Us


What is a Mimosa?
A Mimosa is the plant (see photo on the left) that is most sensitive to touch. The name Mimosa Digital came about because of our vision to help people get in touch with loved ones – to be more “in touch with life” (the retail slogan).

How It All Started
The founders of Mimosa Digital, Jason and Regina, have always been interested in digital gadgets and own most of the latest digital toys available on the market. Photography and videography have been their common interest too. They are very well-versed in manipulating digital files and converting them into usable formats. These shared hobbies and skills of theirs sparked the idea for Mimosa Digital.

The Vision
Their vision for Mimosa Digital is to enable people to reach out and touch their loved ones. How? By better utilizing their digital assets – be they images, videos, audio, data files, or digital equipment.

Many people have family photos and home videos that never see the light of day as they lay buried in drawers, stowed away in storage boxes or albums, or collecting dust on shelves at home – none are showcased as they rightfully should. Since these are cherished family assets, why hide them away? Rather, Jason and Regina thought it would be best to re-format some of these images and videos, add music, and put them into various forms such as DVDs, so that these can be easily distributed and shared with family and friends.

Yet others have a collection of digital equipment such as a digital camera, camcorder, PDA, DVR, universal remote control or GPS system, but don’t really know how to use these gadgets or at least not to their fullest capabilities. The problem is that most honestly don’t know who to ask. Events at Mimosa Digital and “Ask Mimosa Man!” will help people fulfill those very ideals and creative ideas that prompted the purchase of their digital equipment. (Warning: Future digital toy purchases may become guilt-free.)

Thus, the vision of Mimosa Digital was born.

100 Hudson Street, Floor 2
Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 222-1103


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