Designing & Printing With Bleed

Need to print without a border, but you keep getting a border on your printout?

Many printed pieces such as business cards, postcards, posters and flyers are designed to have color printed right to the edge of the paper. A borderless piece has a finished look and feel over a printout with unsightly white borders around the edge. But are you getting a border when you print at home (or bring your job to an inexperienced or big-box copy shop)? This is because almost no printer can print to the edge of a sheet of paper. Instead, professional printers will print your pieces on larger sheets of paper or cardstock and cut them down to size. We also need the designed file to have a bleed to ensure a clean and crisp borderless print.

At Mimosa Digital we can print borderless or full-bleed for any of our services. Pieces like business cards, postcards and posters print full-bleed standard (depending on some options), and others like flyers and booklets can be printed with an optional full-bleed for an extra fee. All of our print services can be ordered online. Full-bleed or bordered descriptions are given for each piece but you can request a quote for any non-standard printing needs. Listed below are many of our printing services, but feel free to explore our website for even more of our services. At the bottom of this page is a full explination of how to design for full bleed. If you files are not set up properly then even if you order full-bleed printing, we may not be able to do so. If you want our professional team of graphic designers to help you set up your files we are always here to help!

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What is a Bleed?

Full-bleed printing means that you want your piece to be printed without borders from edge to edge. Bleed is that ink that goes beyond the edge of the paper after we trim it to the final size. By extending the ink beyond the trim, it helps compensate for any mechanical tolerances of the printing process, preventing an unwanted white border from showing at the edge.

If you want a background color or image to print to the edge of your page you will need to design your file with a 1/8" bleed on all 4 sides. As an example, if you want a 5x7 full bleed postcard you will need to send us a 5.25x7.25 file.

Professional design software such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign and Quark have settings for bleed, but consumer software such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint do not. If you create your file in a consumer software package you may need to include the bleed on your own. Remember, the content in the bleed area will be lost after trimming, so do not include text or any other significant information in this area.

What is the Trim?

Trim is the finished size of the document. The document is cut close to the trim line, but because of the mechanical tolerances involved in printing, the actual cut can happen anywhere between the bleed and the safety margin. This is why it is important to keep your text and important images within the safety margin.

What is the Safety Margin?

The area 1/8" inside the trim is the safety margin. Please make sure no critical images or text are placed in this area. This will ensure that nothing important will get cut off in the trimming process.

No Bleed Postcard
A no bleed postcard has a white border around the image.
As long as you leave a 1/8" margin around your content
nothing will get cut off when we trim to size.
Please design your file sized to the trim size, with a 1/8" margin on all 4 sides.

Bleed Postcard
This full bleed postcard will be trimmed on the pink lines.
Anything outside the pink will definitely be cut off.
The green lines show the safety margin. Please don't put any text or
important elements outside the green line to ensure they are not cut off.
Please design your file sized to the trim size with an ADDITIONAL
1/8" bleed on all 4 sides.


Click below to download templates to help you design post cards:

Photoshop Templates

InDesign Templates

Illustrator Templates

JPEG Templates

For graphic designers using the Adobe suite, you an also download our retail color settings (csf) file as well as our PDF joboptions file for creating PDF files.

Adobe Color Settings

PDF Joboptions File