Business Portraits



business portrait
Business Portrait with Blue/Green/Purple muslin

Do you need a professional portrait taken for your business card, presentation, online profile or advertising campaign? At Mimosa Digital, we are committed to providing you a professional business portrait that you'll be happy with.

With our state-of-the-art digital portrait studio, you can choose from 6 different muslin backdrops:

  1. White
  2. Gray
  3. Blue
  4. Black
  5. Blue/Green/Purple
  6. Maroon/Black

 View our different backdrops on-line.

Feel free to browse our selections before your shoot so that we can prepare the shoot prior to your arrival for the backdrop of your choice.

At the end of business portrait photo shoot session, you will have time to preview the digital images on screen.

The photo you select will be color-corrected and touched-up, and provided to you on a CD (within 2-3 days) with files prepared for both web use and for printing (e.g. photo business cards).

Call 201-222-1103 today to schedule your professional business portrait session at Mimosa Digital. All sessions must be pre-paid. You may re-schedule your appointment up to 4 hours in advance of your appointment.

How Quickly?
2-3 days
By appointment only

$99.95 for 12 headshot pictures taken during the studio shoot and a copyright release CD with 1 final retouched portrait, provided in high-resolution for printed purposes and low-resolution for web use.


Basic Retouching
Included with all portrait sittings for 1 image to fix stray hairs, blemishes, complexion, cropping.

Additional Retouching
$100/hour in 15 minute increments ($25/ 15 min). Removal of braces, slimming effects, swapping heads, and more.

For multiple session headshots (e.g. law firm, realtors, conference, publishing firms, and other corporations):