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Mimosa Culture
Mimosa Digital is committed to providing our clients with knowledgeable, warm and friendly service. We strongly believe in assisting clients with creative ideas to help fulfill both expressed and unexpressed desires with regards to better use of their digital assets and preserving their memories in reliable, yet imaginative and exciting ways. Providing quality products with sincerely warm service, is a way of life at Mimosa Digital.

As such, the people we hire and surround ourselves and clients with are warm, creative people who like to have fun, are extremely computer savvy, and can think on their feet to provide solutions to fit client's needs. Our employees take pride in the work we provide our clients and always wear a warm smile.

Available Positions
Mimosa Digital is always looking for people who demonstrate the right skill sets, sound work ethic, possess an interest in continual learning, and have a fun-loving attitude.

100 Hudson Street, Floor 2
Hoboken, NJ 07030

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