Cropping and Sizing Your Panoramic Photos for Printing

Most pictures you have are 4x6 (or very close) in size. However our panoramic prints come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Most panoramic photos are long and narrow - a far different shape than your original 4x6 image. Different photos will crop nicely to certain sizes, but not others. This could depend on how the photo was taken and what is important in the scene vs what is background content. We can print any height from 4-42 inches and any width from 10-60 inches (or any size or shape in between), but some sizes will be better than others for your image. We can also do larger sizes as required. Please contact us for a quote if you need a larger print.

In order to print your image as a panoramic we may need to crop your image. Sometimes we need to drastically crop your photo. You can see examples below as to how standard sized images print as various size panoramic prints. If you send us an uncropped photo, we will do our best to crop to the best part of your image. However, we recommend that you crop your own photo before uploading it to our site. We suggest using free consumer software such as Picasa on Windows or iPhoto on the Macintosh. You can also use Photoshop, just as we do, but unless you do as much printing and graphic design work as we do it might be a bit too expensive to justify.

At the bottom of this page are step by step instructions with pictures on how to crop your photos to the custom panoramic sizes you want in Picasa before uploading them to our site.

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  Original Uncropped Photo Cropped Photo

If you want to print this 4x6 photo as a 8x36 panoramic print, we would focus on the children's faces. We would need to crop out the sky and the children's legs.

Kids Original Photo Panoramic Cropped Photo Kids

If you want to print this 4x6 photo as a 20x40 print, we would only need to crop out some of the sky and grass. We don't lose any part of the family. We wouldn't be able to print it 8x36 like above as we would need to lose too much off the top and bottom. We would end up with only the parents shoulders and the top of the girl's face.

Family Original Photo Panoramic Cropped Photo Family

This 4x6 skyline make a great 18x60 panoramic print. We get a great composition of the city skyline without losing anything important.

Skyline Original Photo Panoramic Cropped Photo Skyline

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Photo Resolution and Print Sizes

In addition to checking that the height and width dimensions of your image are correct for the size print you are ordering, you should check that the image resolution is sufficient to print the size that you want in good quality. While the more pixels the better, we suggest a pixel resolution of 150 ppi or more for the best quality, but a resolution over 100 ppi should be sufficient to print a quality photo. To determine the largest size you can print your photo, take the resolution (it might be something like 1,600 x 5,000) and divide the numbers by 100. So in the case of 1,600 x 5,000 you should be able to print your photo as large as 16" x 50".

If you want to print it smaller, but not lose any part of your image due to cropping you can simply divide the image resolution by a larger number until you get to the height or width you want. As an example, if you want a print 1/2 the size as 16" x 50" then you can divide the resolution by 200 which yields a print size of 8" x 25". This size will print great and you will not lose anything. Feel free to divide by any number you like until you get the print size you like.

Please note that we often print photos well below the 100 ppi resolution and they usually come out fine. This is because of our advanced professional software and printers that can significantly improve the quality of low resolution photos. If you submit a low resolution photo for printing we will do everything we can to improve the photo and print it, however we are unable to guarantee the quality of your print if you submit a photo below 100 ppi.

To determine the dimensions in Windows 7 you can right click on your image and choose Properties. Then go to the Details tab and you should see the numbers under dimensions. In older versions of Windows like XP, in the Properties window go to the Summary tab and press the Advanced button. With a Macintosh computer you can easily use iPhoto to determine your resolution. Simply select your photo and choose Photos from the top manu bar. Then select Show Info and your details will be there.

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Custom cropping your panoramic photos in Picasa

Open your photo in Picasa and choose the crop option.

Select Crop

Select the Custom Aspect Ratio option.

Choose your aspect ratio

Enter the height and width you want your print to be and press OK
(this is the size you will order on our website).

enter your custom panoramic dimensions

Click and drag on the photo. The frame will be fixed to the shape you want. You can select a smaller
or larger selection, but it will always be the same height and width you selected before. Click Apply
on the left.

view your cropped image

This is the size and shape your image will print as.

finalize your crop

Click Save and then upload this version of your photo to our website.

save and order your cropped panoramic photo

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