A/V Transfer and Compilation



recordable formats

Audio/Video Transfer & Conversion

Movie Film Reels to DVD
Wouldn’t you like to transfer your old film movies to DVD? Finally watch those old home movies! You can move into the digital age – in style and with ease. Simply send your old movie reels to us, and we can help save you space by giving you back a DVD instead (you will get your old reels back too).

Looking to edit your home movies? We can help! We will convert your film into a computer video file (avi/mpg/quicktime) suitable for editing on your computer.
Video tapes to DVD
Transfer copies of your video tapes (e.g. VHS, miniDV) from its original medium onto another medium (e.g. to DVD) - just send your video tapes off to our store. Convert into authored DVD for playing in your living room or into avi/mpg/quicktime for editing on a computer (or both for the most flexibility).
Audio tapes to CD/MP3
Music files from your CDs or audio tapes can be transfered into MP3 format and vice versa.
Foreign Video Conversion
We can convert videos from foreign countries (PAL to NTSC) and vice versa for you so you can watch your movies wherever you are.
Audio/Video Compilation
Are you a musician or do you belong to a band? We can help you compile your original songs into a CD compilation, complete with a designed CD label, jacket cover, and jewel case. We can even design your CD jacket. Just provide us your digital audio files and we can help you make a bunch of these compilations…they’re great as music demos!
CD Duplication / DVD Duplication
Using our high-speed robot, we can duplicate CDs and DVDs in any quantity you might need. Black & white or color printing on the disc label is available as are cases and inserts.

Videotape* to DVD:
$29.95 (1 tape up to 1 hrs)
$10 for additional hour
  includes chapter points   every 5 mins, DVD case
  with insert

Film to DVD (or VHS):
$67.95 for first 200 feet
$0.20/foot additional
  includes opening title,
  chapter points every  
  5 mins, DVD case
  with insert

$19.95/additional videotape to combine
  - up to 2 hrs
$14.95/additional DVD
$15 DVD menu with title

*Video Formats
VHS          VHS-C
Mini DV     Digital 8
Hi 8          Super-VHS

Foreign Conversion
$69.95 to DVD (2 hr max)
$40 to VHS (1 hr)
  $15/add'l each extra hour

Audio Tape to CD
$29.95/60 minute tape, no   chapters
$100/hr audio editing to
   split out tracks

VHS (each):
$19.95 for 1 hour
$29.95 for 2 hours

CD (each):
$1.25 for 500+
$1.50 for 250-499
$2.00 for 100-249
$2.50 for 50-99
$3.00 for 25-49
$4.95 for 2-24
$10.95 for 1

DVD (each):
$1.50 for 500+
$1.95 for 250-499
$2.95 for 100-249
$3.95 for 50-99
$4.95 for 25-49
$10.95 for 2-24
$14.95 for 1

CD/DVD Extras
$0.50/color label printing

$0.12/paper sleeve on side
$0.30/paper sleeve    inserted
$0.50/jewel case on side
$0.70/jewel case inserted
$0.95/DVD case on side
$1.20/DVD case inserted

CD/ DVD insert (at color    printing prices) on side
   Add $0.15 for inserted

Label Graphic Design
$100/hr, in 15 min    increment ($25 min)