Collage Photo Books


front of photo book
8.5x11 Coffee-Table
Photo Book

Great For:

inside page sample of photobook

inside example of photobook layout
Vacations / Honeymoons

inside example of photobook layout

inside example of photobook layout
Pet Lovers

Beautiful photobooks for
busy people like you!

You know you want a photo book - they are the hot new way to display your digital photos. But you don't have the time to sit for hours in front of your computer dragging pictures and dealing with slow internet speeds.
Who does?

opened photo book

Collage Coffee Table Photo Books are just what you need! They make delightful keepsakes that are bound to put a smile on you and your loved one's faces. They are fabulous for showcasing life's great experiences:

  • Weddings
  • Vacations
  • Honeymoons
  • Newborns
  • Pet Lovers
  • Group Activities
  • Every one of life's little moments

Simply send us your photos using our easy photo upload tool and we will do the rest. Imagine - a professionally designed and printed photobook and you're done in under 10 minutes! Now that's living!

Why spend hours at a desk?
Enjoy life!
Let Mimosa Digital do the work while you relax.

Need it fast? We make a custom collage photo book for you
in as little as 4 hours!

Custom Photo Books

Have more time? Custom Photo Books give you the control of organizing each page and adding text where you would like them to be placed.


How Quickly?
Same day*
(within 4 hours)

Album Quantities
1 or more

Input Formats
Digital: CD, Memory cards,
USB Flash drives, PCMCIA
Film: 35mm color neg, 35mm B&W neg, 35mm mounted slides, 120 color neg, 120 B&W neg

*Depending on quantity and subject to availability; must be submitted before 2pm

Photo Book Styles
Collage Photo Book
Multiple random images/pg
   8"x11": 20 or 40 pages
      (Black Linen,
       White Linen, or        Brushed Silver Cover)
   12"x12": 20 pages
      (White Linen Cover)

Photo Paper Finish
Collage Photo Book
8.5"x11" Double-Sided
   Elite Silk
12"x12" Single-Sided
   Photo Matte

Collage Photo Book
8"x11" 20 or 40-page
  $9.95 set-up + $1.50/pg
  15% off 2+ (of same)

12" x 12" 20pg
  $39.95 set-up + $5.95/pg
  15% off 2+ (of same)

Scanning charges apply if not from digital