Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. Besides photo developing/printing, video transfers and conversions, what else do you have at your retail store?
A1. At the retail store, we offer related products and services such as memory cards, tripods, photo albums and frames, photo books, mat and glass cutting, custom framing, portrait photography, and more. We also offer one-on-one photography classes at the store after-hours.

Q2. I am working on a project and I don't know if you have the services to help me out. I don't exactly see what I need on your web site. Is everything you do on your web site?
A2. Please call us. We are super-duper problem-solvers and have presented solutions to most of our customers' projects. In a nutshell, we own many different software, scanners, printers and other finishing equipment. We are experts at looking at your project and determining how we can get it accomplished by using even multiple pieces of software and machines to get to the final desired outcome. Not every configuration of use of our software and equipment is on our web site - give us a call!

Q3. I just got a new digital camera and don't really know how to use it. Can you help?
A3. Yes, schedule a private lesson with us and we can show you exactly how to use your camera and take better photos!

Q4. How does your photo printing services compare to others available online?
A4. We are color specialists who deal with high-end photographers who demand the best printing out there. We also happen to offer our services to consumers who care about quality prints. If you ask us, we lump all the drug stores and major online photo finishers out there into the same quality and service category. We have a print comparison board in our store that shows the difference -- which is stark.

Plus, if you have an issue, we are here to help you and to fix it. Try finding an online customer service rep to help you when your $0.17 print doesn't look right -- good luck there! Shipping alone will cause you not to want to get it fixed...which is exactly what they want -- to sell you low quality items and not take responsibility for the quality.

We like to think of ourselves as the place to go when you care about quality, where the folks behind the counter are knowledgeable, will spend time with you and help you learn, and do it all with a smile! Plus, you don't have to wait long for your prints and you don't have to pay for shipping and handling (those publicly-traded online photofinishers have published that they make at least 20% of their revenues from this S&H! In other words, they lure you in with "cheaper" prices then smack you with "shipping & handling fees" to effectively raise their prices on you when you're ready to check-out).

Q5. My digital camera is only a few years old and it broke. Can I get it repaired?
A5. Bring in your camera. We can get an estimate for repair and you decide if you wish to get it repaired. Generally, digital cameras often have 2 problems: 1) door would not close 2) screen is cracked. These usually are repaired for around $150, depending on the severity of the problem. This usually means that most people will just go out and buy a new one. However, if you wish to get it repaired, check first to make sure that you have a warranty (repair would be free). Otherwise, be prepared to pay as much to repair as it would be to buy a new camera.

Q6. I'm interested in your group class learning events. Can you tell me more about it?
A6. The learning events are based on demand. If you are interested in learning something in particular at a group class, please contact us and let us know. Each class will typically have about 10-15 people. Some classes may be just a 1-hour session one evening, while other classes may be a 1-hour weekly class spanning several weeks, to give you time to complete simple yet fun projects in between classes. The cost of the classes will range, depending on the topic and instructor.

Q7. I have old film. Can you make prints from them? Can you scan them to digital?
A7. YES! Our professional equipment can print from and scan from a wide variety of current and old negatives including:

  • 35mm film
  • APS (Advantix) Film
  • Medium Format (120 or 220) Film - 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7
  • 110 film
  • 126 film
  • Large Format Sheet Film (or transparencies)
  • Slides
  • 620
  • and more ...