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High Speed Photo & Film Scanning

Every home has shoeboxes stuffed full of photos with little opportunity to see the light of day, sadly hidden in dark drawers, closets or dusty shelves...

shoebox to cd scanning

There has never been an easy way to save, organize, share, and reprint these memories into fun items for your loved ones so that they can bask in glory -- as they should be -- proudly displayed on your walls, mantle, coffee and sofa tables...until now.

High-Speed Digital Archival "Shoebox Scanning"

Shoeboxes are for shoes, not photos! Archive your boxes of old photos and have them digitized. You can have all your old negatives, slides and prints scanned and put on a CD or DVD data disc - all for unbelievably low prices. Digitally archive them before your film deteriorates or your prints fade any further! This a la carte service is for those who have fewer than 1,000 photos. We scan each one and charge per scan.

Unlike other scanning services where your precious originals are shipped all over the country (or even to India), at Mimosa Digital your originals never leave our store, so you can rest easy knowing they won't be
getting lost or damaged in the mail.

Once your images are scanned you may want to consider the following options:

  • Make a photo montage of your photos - a wonderful gift for your family.
  • Create photos books and wall art collages for your friends and family.
  • Reprint all the images as brand new 4x6 photos to share with your friends & family
  • Create index prints or contact sheets to help you reference the images on your CD

Now Introducing the Shoebox Scanning Kit

Designed for quick scanning of larger print quantities, fill the box with as many prints as you have (box must be able to close normally) and we will scan all your photos to a DVD at 300 dpi. You can fill the box with up to 1,800 photos between 2x3 and 8x10 for this one low price. Order a box now for your photos and get another as a gift for your family.
See below for important conditions and instructions.


Top 10 reasons to get "Shoebox Scanning"

10.   Preserve your memories before the prints fade or negatives turn color - don't wait any longer!
9. Worry-Free: Mimosa Digital digitally archives everything from photo prints, negatives, slides, to childhood drawings/artwork (all work done in-house)
8.   Fun and convenient review options such as index prints and photo books to viewing DVDs with music
7.   Share the joy: Share your memories online
6.   Save time & money: Friends & family can review photos independently, order online, and pay for their own reprints and enlargements
5.   Easily find your favorite photos: This really comes in handy when you want to pick "best of" photos for canvas prints, photobooks, wall art collages, and photo montages (great for engagements, weddings, anniversaries or birthdays)
4.   Get organized
3.   Reduce clutter, save space
2.   Mom & Dad will love you for you for it (especially when you also convert their old movie reels and video to DVD)
1.   Feel good about yourself: You've accomplished SO much with so little effort!

Important Note: Review how to prepare prints for high-speed scanning.

High Speed Print Scans
(Saved as jpg)


High Resolution
Film Scans
(Saved as jpg;
2000ppi; 17MB files)

Neg Strips

Minimum order $15.95
Full uncut strip $7.95
Add $1.00/B&W strip/slide

Neg Strips

$19.95 minimum order
$14.95 full uncut strip
Add $1.00/B&W neg strip

Pro Resolution
Film Scans
(saved as TIFF)

$15 ea
$20 ea
$15 ea
$20 ea



Index Prints
$3 per 4"x6" index print
$4 per 5"x7" index print
(up to 25 images/sheet)

Hardcover Photo Books
   (25 images per page)
$9.95 for book binding
15% off for additional    books (same book)

Photo Prints
$0.23 each 4"x6" print

Wall Art Collage
Various sizes available with photo selection on different media e.g. canvas or fine art paper

$4.95/extra CD
$5/archival gold CD    upgrade
$39.95 DVD music    slideshow
Add 10% for copies of    photos in screen    resolution
Add 50% to scan front &    back of photos

Non-conforming prints:
$3 each (max 11"x17")    @300ppi
$6 each (max 11"x17")    @600ppi
Add 50% more
   for 2-sided scan
$15/sf for prints > 11"x17"
$100/hr for special handling in 15 min increments ($25 min)
   e.g. rotating,           renaming,
          keeping order,           segmenting
Rush services available

Shoebox Scan Kit Details

  • only lose photos are accepted.
  • photos must be able to bend slightly with little to no effort.
  • delicate or damaged photos will be scanned individually at regular prices.
  • prints must be sided between 2x3 and 8x10.
  • photos are not scanned in any particular order.
  • free round trip shipping for US-based customers
  • box size: 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
  • box must close easily at natural fold lines.
  • photos scanned at 300dpi. you can upgrade to 600dpi scans for an additional 50%.
  • kit for scanning printed photographs only. slide and negative scanning available separately.