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General FAQs

Q1. Are ALL your products or services on your web site?
A1. No. We are constantly innovating and adding new products and services, as such, there may be a lag between the time new services are offered and when they are posted on our web site. Also, many of our products available at the retail store may not be listed on our web site. If there is something you would like us to offer, but don’t see it posted anywhere, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help – don’t be shy to ask!

Q2. Do you only deal with digital files?
No, but we encourage and help people to upgrade and convert their non-digital files into digital files, so that you have more flexibility to make full use of them. For example, we develop and print rolls of film and can also convert movie reels or VHS tapes to DVDs.

Q3. Can you take a photo of me?
Yes, we have a portrait studio for taking business portraits. This is perfect for those who need a headshot photo to go with your web site or conference bio. In addition, we also take passport photos (US, Canadian, diversity, etc.).

Q4. Do you offer framing services
Yes, we have a selection of pre-made frames available in-store. We also have a selection of thousands of mouldings for you to choose from for custom framing. We cut mats, glass, and handle the custom framing in-house.

Q5. What is a bleed? How do I ensure my job prints with color to the edge of the page?
A5. See our Designing with Bleed web page for detailed information on bleed and helpful templates for designing postcards.

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